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Restaurants have been my life as long as I can remember. Both my parents worked in restaurants as well as my sisters and I from a very young age. There was always a feeling of warmth and comfort working alongside family and friends while serving guests as if they were in our home. I have built some of my most cherished friendships while in this industry over the last 25 years. 


I have worked in corporate and non-corporate restaurants as a general manager and as a multi-unit leader for the last 15 years but the best and most impactful experience for me will always be washing dishes at my uncles restaurant at the age of 15. If you want to understand how a restaurant really operates, start in the dish area. 


I have a strong passion for Mediterranean cuisine as my family and I have have strong roots in Greece, primarily on the island of Crete. So when I met Alberto Candivi and experienced his recipes first hand, I was sold. This was the right place for me and Il Granaio felt like home. Alberto and I transitioned in late November 2020 but his legacy will live on through his incredible mouth watering menu creations and the warm caring culture embodied by the entire staff at Il Granaio.


Hope to see you soon!


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